AI-powered intelligent fund allocation (IFA) algorithm which solves the problems of Modern Trade – OEM & order-to-cash cycle.

Features of AlgoriQ

Zero-day invoice delivery and posting

  • Electronic delivery of Invoices
  • Eliminates cash held in suspense accounts
  • Maps business process nuances

Handle complexities including

  • Multiple deduction reasons
  • Address remittances via bank in the desired format
  • Non-standard file types
  • Cross-border payments
  • Multi-language support
Zero manual touch for receivables management

  • Auto-read payment advices and MIS across multiple formats
  • Apply to outstanding ledger including
    • Auto-invoice matching
    • Credit/debit note application
    • Scheme application
    • Automated ERP posting
  • Archives decisions for future references

Real-time AI-based dispute addressability

  • AlgoriQ, our engine progressively learns and resolves incomplete inputs
  • Reduces time spent on dispute management via invoice
    specific dispute addressal mechanism
  • Applies AI-based rule-sets to auto-respond and auto-adjust specific disputes
  • Handles payment recon information spread across multiple

Benefits of AlgoriQ

  • Enables reconciliation and cash application
  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Reads payment advice in multiple formats including scanned advices
  • Extracts context, suggests matches
  • Supports multiple banks, multiple currencies
  • Iteratively achieves 95% accuracy
  • Automates, digitizes dispute
  • Management workflow
  • Our product platform maps the customer’s unique flows and digitizes + automates the AR process
  • Using AlgoriQ, our intelligent fund allocation (IFA) engine,  PayEX decodes the complete context. IFA performs end-to-end ERP recon of all  elements
  • It has the capability to fully  read machine payment  advices sent in multiple formats from customers
  • PayEX automates the entire ERP recon including at a sub-ledger level. PayEX provides Intelligent  automated workflows for dispute resolution

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