EIPP solution

Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment for your end-to-end reconciliation

Available On Mobile & Desktop

Features of EIPP solution

Delivers invoice in real time. Handles credit periods, notifications

Sophisticated cloud based EIPP. Deductions & overdue handling

Universal, secure, robust and trusted ACH engine. Closed loop, safe

Eliminates fraud

Supports any-bank to any-bank transfer. Multi invoice, multi-bank payments

Seamless payments through the largest bank network

Live MIS, up to invoice level,  to all stake holders.

Analytics driven dunning, credit scoring

Improved dunning, credit scores

Pay right from the invoice itself.

Handles advance payments, cash discounts, credit notes, etc. End-to-end reconciliation

Sophisticated cloud based EIPP. Deductions & overdue handling

Benefits of EIPP solution

Electronic invoice presentment leads to the accelerated collection, reduces daily outstanding

Increases sales team productivity, focuses on sales rather than collection

  • Optimizes working capital efficiency, improves order-to-cash cycle productivity
  • Better dunning. Delivers live, actionable MIS at all levels. Visibility into secondary sales cycle
  • Data driven credit scoring and payment behavior analytics

Reduction in disputes, billing adjustments and recon errors. Improved customer satisfaction

Safe closed loop payments. End-to-end reconciliation: from invoice-to-payment-to-bank

Client success stories

"Freepay provided us a one-stop solution to our payment collection problem. Goldmedal has a pan India existence with a huge dealer network base. So, basically Freepay helped us reach the most remote dealer counter and simplify the payment process. It helped us in removing the geographical barriers for payment collection."  -  Team GoldMedal

“3M India has successfully deployed Global PayEX’s “Freepay” solution to improve the efficiency in our collection and account receivable management. Freepay digitized our invoice presentment, automated payment processing and took care of our end-to-end customer account reconciliation. Our dealers have appreciated the solution for its completeness, ease of use and transparency in doing business”
- Team 3M

Reduced DSO significantly by implementing our EIPP solution

Utilized EIPP to solve collection and reconciliation inefficiencies

Win-Win for an american safety equipment manufacturer and their dealers by initiating consent based auto pull payments with deferral option

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