Channel Finance

Integrated Dealer Finance from multiple lending partners

The PayEX attributes

Flexibility in lender selection

Sophisticated cloud based EIPP deductions & overdue handling

Simplified digital onboarding

Seamless disbursal with fully integrated systems

Automated invoice financing or dealer consent based

Dashboard for corporates and lenders for exposure monitoring

Viewing and loan repayment options on same app

Dunning and assist in repayment collection with option of automated backstop

The PayEX benefits

For Corporates

  • Improves working capital efficiency
  • Seamless origination and onboarding
  • Competitive pricing due to choice of Lenders
  • Visibility on loan repayment behavior of dealers

For Lenders

  • Ready pool of prospects

  • Reduced client acquisition and operational cost

  • Assists in data gathering for KYC and credit decisioning

  • Choice of automated or dealer driven invoice routing

  • Automated backstop as per client arrangement

  • Support repayment collections with updates to loan processors

For Buyers

  • Continue availing cash discounts and other early payment benefits
  • Option of buyer consent financing at invoice level
  • Avoid penal interest with active reminders
  • View and pay invoices or loan outstanding from same screen


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